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It's Great Being His Child!

  • Hi Tom and Dixie,

    Just wanted to say thank you again for obeying God and starting Charis Portland. I have grown so much and feel so rich in His love and grace.

    Charis has given me boldness and spiritual insights I did not have from over 20 years of previous ministry and training. A couple of months ago I was asked to marry a couple. Before Charis I would not of considered it. They are living together and not Christians. But I heard Wendal say how he agrees to marry unsaved people but he just gets them saved before they are married (something along those lines). Because of that and the strong grace and love message I agreed to do it only if they agreed to go through my six-eight week pre-marriage counseling program. They agreed and never missed a session. Well a long story short last night was our last session and they both accepted the Lord as their Savior!!! Wow was I doing a "happy dance". The class on Evangelism was perfect timing.

    At Andrew's conference we bought the whole Evangelism curriculum and I had sensed God leading to start a bible study using that curriculum. This couple excitedly agreed to attend to be furthered discipled.

    It's great being His child! — Cindy

Receiving from God

  • Hi Tom- Just wanted to share how much I LOVED the Receiving From God II lessons that Andrew taught. How life changing it has been for me. I can bless God by ministering to Him by worshiping Him. I can praise myself to victory: I can choose how I want to be. WOW! Absolutely mind changing and I can't wait to share these revelations with others.

    To God be the Glory — Cathy R.

Heart Witness of Adam Mendenhall

  • It's a marvelous thing, going to Charis Bible College Portland. There was a time when I was on the outside looking in upon what is called 'The Charis Experience'. There I lived in my own carnal, 'dry bones' life. It was the 'dry bone' experience. There was no condemnation living in that place. Many live there. And oh yes, there were insights into God's Word, revelations, and enough Word morsels to feed and exist on. But unknowingly I was blinded toward a captivity that I lived in, and a life pattern of false satisfaction. I was in a spiritual famine when the abundant table of God's Word was spread right in front of me. To be honest it was a powerless place of low expectations, and my heart was greatly influenced toward complacency. There I lived, and God faithfully waited and loved me.

    All along going to Charis sounded like a good thing for me, but the idea got filed away in the 'not top priority file box'. You know the money issue, and that mentality of lack that we fall into - easily convinced me to think 'there's no way I can afford the tuition. Oh yes, I wanted to be included in the excitement, but it never happened. It didn't happen until I made a decision. Enough was enough. Enough dry bones. Enough looking into the 'Charis Promise Land' but not entering in. The decision had to come first then everything else fell into place.

    I reckon I was kind of like Moses looking over from the heights of Mt. Nebo and Pisgah, (Deuteronomy 34). I was looking over into the promise land from my vantage point of actually making a decision to go, upon a land flowing with true inner satisfaction. Remember Moses was told he couldn't enter in because of his failures, and would die there on the mountain. Not me. I could enter in failures or not. So that is what I've done. What I've found is life and destiny. I've found the promise land of a renewed mind in God's Word which makes all of life become beautiful and harmonious more and more and more. I can feel and see a new me of power and authority. Yep you guessed it. It's Christ within me!

    In Psalm 126:1 it talks about living your dreams and coming out of captivity. That is me. I am like those who dream. I've only dreamed of this within myself: favor, prosperity, anointing and the like. It's like I'm beginning to 'fire on all eight cylinders' kind of thing in the Spirit realm.

    So here is my simple instruction to you. Take Matthew 6:33 to heart which says, “Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” It's that simple. Yes, all will be added unto you: the time, the money, and ability to go to Charis Bible College Portland. Also, when you make the decision the desire will follow. You may not want and feel a desire to go right now, but what do feelings have to do with it? A decision and faith to believe God will change absolutely everything including your desire. It will change your life!

    You have read this with your eyes and have heard this message from my heart to yours. Now make the decision and prosper in every area of your life! Going to Charis will change you from the inside out forever!

    — Adam Mendenhall

Pacific Northwest Night of Healing

  • Tom, The meeting was wonderful and so many people thanked us for the wonderful evening as they went out the door! I believe it was very successful in terms of the school and even for His Gathering!! (many said they would come and check us out for the Sunday service and also the study on Thursday. The speaker was amazing and the message couldn't have been better! You did an amazing job!!! I can see why you were chosen for this job! It was a privilege to be a part of it. You and Dixie are so very special to me! PS. If you need help making out my record keeping just let me know.

    — Thank You! Joan

  • Tom,

    My name is JoAnna and I filled out a Portland Charis College card, we talked and you prayed for me last night to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit. Well. I was, I am, I did. Last night I was blessed with a tray of sandwiches and a tray of veggies only to come home to a frig that was not working. I was heartbroken and couldn't quite find the joy in this trial. The critters behind my dwelling got the blessing. Through a restless night and this morning listening to Kenneth Copeland's Believers Voice of Victory on TV and a few programs I was downcast and about to toss in my worn sneaker on being a Christian.

    In the silence of my home, I thought of what Greg said last night about the boy with the evil spirit and how the disciples gave up to soon and what you said to me about the stronghold in my life and my need to speak in tongues. I started to read 2 Corinthians 10:3 when the tears started and I read through to 6 but continued on to verse 7 then verse 8. I can't quit. I don't want to quit. Like Jonah this is not my end. Look what the disciples gave up to soon. Soooo I pursued on in prayer and was told to open my mouth. I did. The names of God came up and I said them out loud along with a verse that is also a song of "Put on the garment of Praise for the Spirit of heaviness lift up you voice to God. Pray in the Spirit and with understanding Oh magnify the Lord." I sang out loud. Then the words came, and came, and came, and louder, and louder, to a point that I did not want to stop. A powerful strength became present as I was speaking. In fact there I was wondering if I could speak English.

    Behold I can speak and type English. I want more. Thank you Mr. Montano you were an answer to my prayer last night. I also went online for the book you suggested and YouTube to listen to Andrew Wommack. Pretty Cool modern technology.

    Now the frig. I am a widow and My maker is my husband. OK husband what shall you do about the frig? To Be Continued.

    PS... Yep. Peace was there too. And as I reflect further, Love No Fear. HEY!!! My first date night tonight!!! Awesome!!!

    — Joanna

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